Black Economic Empowerment

Level Two Contributor

Employment Equity

Milu supports initiatives to achieve greater equity in the workplace. We're fully committed to complying with the Employment Equity Act An Employment Equity Plan was submitted in 2006.The Milu Employment Equity committee has been established to ensure that Milu achieves and documents its employment equity objectives.

Milu has a five-year BEE plan in place. It has attained its third objective of 52.3% black ownership (32.1% black female). This has been achieved through an employee share- incentive program that incentivises and rewards Milu management and long-term staff members.

Of equal Importance to us are the Employment Equity goals of our clients. When procuring goods or services, we utilise our discretionary affirmative procurement policy to choose suppliers who show a strong commitment to broad-based Black Economic Empowerment, as per the Codes of Good Practice issued by the Department of Trade and Industry, which rates contributor status.