Let us launch your promotion, campaign, or new product introduction to market


We source, research, negotiate, and select items for partners to purchase or reorder. To ensure prompt and accurate service, we manage all shipments from our company-owned warehouse

Milu can store and manage your goods in our warehouses in Cape Town or Johannesburg and we can distribute your goods to any destination in South Africa within 24 hours. Integration of regionalised warehouse inventory allows us to store elements in regions saving on client freight costs.

Warehouse facilities have CCTV systems and Visitors/Partners may only gain access to the warehouse by means of a formal appointment with the Warehouse Manager. Please note that no access is allowed if any picking and packing is in process.


We specialise in the break bulking and redistribution of promotional material and other items to diverse destinations from any of our warehouses in South Africa.

Milu uses the most cost-effective packing configuration. We select the best freighting services, package, follow up and monitor orders. We offer complete inventory control services. We warehouse inventory, fulfil orders, and dispatch it.

We have a strategic partnership with a large distribution company. It allows us to facilitate shipments via airfreight road freight, door-to-door, or bulk distribution centre and back door deliveries within the borders of South Africa and beyond.

We manage the distribution service. monitor delivery and provide proof of delivery of the goods.