We can help your promotion, campaign, or new product introduction succeed.

Promotional Support

  • Warehousing and management of promotional material, prizes, gifts, etc.
  • Break bulk operations for the distribution of promotional and other materials
  • Distribution via air and road freight anywhere in South Africa and beyond
  • Logistical Support
  • National/International Procurement Network Design, Support and Management
  • POS distribution and management
  • Customer liaison
  • Results monitoring, recording and reporting

Direct Communication

  • Targeted communications, facilitated by our database mining tools
  • Email: Profile recipients and send campaign-driven, personalised email messages
  • SMS: Complete messaging service including inbound premuim rate shortcode.
  • Voice, Web, Mobile and Social Media are further engagement channels
  • Facsimile: Utilised when other channels are not suitable
  • Response Management: Our trained professionals can manage responses from mailings and campaigns which are logged into a database for future segmentation, analysis and mining

Brand Activiations

  • Secure storage and management of branding items
  • Integrated supply chain management from Milu/Supplier to event location
  • Planning, execution, control and maintenance processes
  • Flexible, cost-effective and customised service solution
  • Support for brand promotional activities, ensuring optimum activation and return
  • Contract packaging and Transport solutions
  • Assembly, presentation, take-down and return
  • Asset Tracking and monitoring

Market Research

  • Consumer research conducted with the end user/consumer
  • Customer research to ascertain their opinions of concepts, products, or promotions.
  • Consumer & Customer Results can be compared to provide meaningful insight.
  • Responses are logged into a database for future segmentation, analysis and mining