Mission & Culture

We have no clients. We consider them partners. So we treat each business as if it were our own.

Our Philosophy and Culture

We live by a philosophy based on the value of partnerships. We embrace it passionately.

We appreciate our modest beginnings and how far we have come. It manifests itself in a humbleness that does not seek pretentious accolades but finds satisfaction in surpassing the expectations of our clients.

Our philosophy ensures that we perceive our clients as partners in business. As a result, we hope to make all our client- relationships long-term and ensure that solid foundations are laid for future success.

Milu's management motto: Don't lead. Enable!

This culture creates an environment in which all members of our staff are acknowledged and rewarded for hard work. We encourage employee empowerment, accountability and development. Open channels of communication allow for timely change and constant innovation.

Personal development, career paths, and solid succession plans help Milu produce excellent products and deliver outstanding service.

Our culture extends to our service providers, who are Identified and selected for their commitment to excellence and 'client' centricity. We forge partnerships with them, too, so that we ensure an extension of Milu's high standards of service through our service providers to our partners.

Milu's Mission

To be South Africa's prominent provider of outsourced business services and a trusted strategic partner of the companies that retain us through an uncompromising dedication to excellence.

Achieving This

  • Remaining partner centric at all times
  • Empowering our team to realise their full potential, encouraging innovation and providing for succession in an environment conducive to outstanding achievement.
  • Developing meaningful and beneficial working relationships and partnerships with our service providers
  • Utilising our extensive expertise to provide our partners with the most advantageous Marketing Support Services solutions
  • Understanding of each partner's operating environment and implementing appropriate Customer Relationship Management systems and processes to enhance their businesses
  • Guiding our Contact Centre by our partner-centric and customer-centric focus to provide each partner's consumers with unrivalled customer service
  • Ensuring optimum Supply Chain Service excellence through meticulous management of our team and service providers.